Ok. My name is Roi, I live in North London around the Archway/Highgate area, and this is my new blog. This is in addition to the various other ways and means I’ve established already, via my musical exploits – for which I use the pseudonymous ‘band’ name Mechanical Cabaret – which enable me to babble, prattle, blether, and rant, unfettered – albeit unrequested – at nobody in particular in this beautifully, maddeningly ambivalent world.

Nobody, that is, except the blessed few who either know, and for some reason like/put up with, me, or those who deem me, or even my music, interesting/amusing/ridiculous/awful enough to wish to follow.

I eagerly await the potential sound of deafening silence my blog may well meet with, perhaps punctuated by the occasional acerbic, well informed, and mercilessly penetrating character assassination, from those with a bee in their bonnet or nothing better to do! Or will it? That remains to be seen.

Wildest wishes to you all.

Carry on…